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The BIONEEMTEC India private ltd, was established in the year 2013. Our main vision is to be the most credible incubation centre for institutions and industries. We are striving hard with a mission to develop a unique laboratory for Analytical, Biotechnology, Natural products and Synthetic chemistry, created to bring together an alliance of academia, government, and the industries to integrate research, development, and commercialization of potentially useful natural products from plants, microbes, algae ,sponges etc……

It is a unit located in Women Biotech park, siruseri , the first Biotech park for women society in the country and This was also recognized as one of the priority areas identified by the Department of Biotechnology (DBT), Government of India. On recommendation of the task force on Biotechnology Based Programmes for Women and Rural Development constituted by DBT during 1997-98, the Biotech Park was included among the approved programs, in commemoration of the 50th anniversary of India’s Independence.

  • Projects

    Contract projects for industries and contract research for Major Corporation, for their standardization program involving microbial metabolites, herbal products and new drug discovery.

    Research in synthetic chemistry and Biotechnology

    Collaborative research and product development of API and its intermediates.

  • Work carried out in BIONEEMTEC

    Isolation of secondary metabolites from Fungus, Bacteria through optimized fermentation conditions.

    Studies on Bio pesticides –Shelf life studies, Stability testing, Compatibility testing, residual analysis. Isolation of Fungal, Bacterial Endophytes from Medicinal Plants, trees, Algae& Sea weeds etc.

    Extraction & Analysis of Pigments–Melanin, Carotenoids Xanthophylls

  • Synthesis of Nanoparticles using fungal mat.

    Synthesis of Active pharmaceutical ingredients (API) by novel routes.

    Synthesis of drug Impurities in Active pharmaceutical ingredients.

    Synthesis of Flavanoides and other Antioxidants.

    Synthesis of Chiral molecules and its Asymmetric synthesis

    Expertise in conducting reactions with sensitive organic compounds


The key sectors supported include agricultural, herbal, food, chemical and pharmaceutical. Our analytical team has a proven expertise in performing decisive tests and interpreting results of qualitative, quantitative and structural analysis. We also offer well structured courses for analytical procedures for students and knowledge transfer on various experimental techniques to corporate staff.


Biotechnology services include microbiological analysis, production of microbial metabolites through optimized fermentation bio-activity studies, sensitivity studies, anti-oxidant assay for plant and food components, production of secondary metabolites, microbiological enzyme production and its assay, biotransformation, protein studies, microbiological pathogen studies.


The chemical services delivered include structural determination of molecules, Herbal extraction and identification of phyto-chemicals, new drug discovery, Custom synthesis (small and large scale), Impurity profile of compounds, Catalogue synthesis

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Patent & Publications

Process for preparation of Tamsulosin and its derivatives, Hwu JIH Ru, Magendran Balachari et al, EP 1734036A1

Process for preparation of Tamsulosin and its Aralkylamine derivatives , Hwu JIH Ru, Shwu Chen Tsay, Magendran Balachari, et al , US 20070015939A1.

Synthesis of Novel bioactive Bi and Tridentate Chiral molecules from Valine and Phenyl alanine, Magendran Balachari, Menaga and Narasimhan.S filed in Indian patent , IP; July 2012

Synthesis of Biological active compounds of some Nucleic acids (Communicated - Journal of medicinal chemistry).

Synthesis, Characterization and Molecular docking of Bi and Tridentate Chiral molecules for HIV-Native protease. Magendran Balachari, Narasimhan. S, Journal of Chemical and Pharmaceutical research, 2012, 4(8):4001 -4006.

Synthesis of a chiral Schiff base derived metal complexes and its antibacterial studies. Magendran Balachari, Menaga and Narasimhan.S (Journal of Chemical and Pharmaceutical research, 2012, 4(11):4731- 4736.

Looking for collaborators in

a) Development of product/process and do technology transfer in
 Chemistry (Synthesis of API, Intermediate, Impurities and fine chemicals )
 Microbiology
 Analytical ( analysis and method validation)

b) Interested in Isolation , Purification, screening and determining biological activity of natural products

c) Drug discovery, Custom research and New chemical entity .

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